Thrifty Phone Number

800 Number for Thrifty

How to call Thrifty: contact customer service using the toll free number below. Rent a car, get help with reservations, etc. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Thrifty Reservations & Customer Support

1-800-847-4389 (1-800-THRIFTY) 24/7

  • Thank you for calling Thrifty car rental, for assistance in English please press 1 or remain on the line
  • Just for calling today we have arranged a special opportunity for you to receive $30 in gasoline, ask your representative for details this call maybe recorded for quality monitoring purposes.
  • I apologize for the wait our representatives are currently busy please hold for next available person.

Other Numbers

Thrifty International: +1(918) 669-2168