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It’s never been a better time to switch to Sprint. We will even cover your switching fees from your prior carrier up to six hundred and fifty dollars per line. Switching fees include the early termination fee or phone install bill balance you may owe your previous carrier. Switching to Sprint is easy. First switch your phone number and activate phone on lease or 24 month installments. Next trade in your previous phone. Make sure to hold onto your trade-in receipt, you’ll need it later. Now just wait for your final bill and then register online within 60 days of joining Sprint. During registration you’ll be asked for the serial number of the phone you traded and to upload the final bill showing your switching costs. All done. Your prepaid card will be in the amount of your switching costs less the trade-in value of your previous phone. You’ll receive your prepaid card in approximately 15 days after your registration is approved. And don’t worry, we’ll send an email to let you know when your registration is approved and when you will receive your card. Thank you for choosing Sprint.