PSEG New Jersey Phone Number

800 Number for PSEG NJ

How to call PSEG NJ: use the toll free number below to contact customer service about outages, bill pay or account questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service

1-800-436-7734 (1-800-436-PSEG) (24/7)

  • Thank you for calling PSEG New Jersey.
  • What would you like help with today? You can say things like, “I want to pay my bill or I’m moving.” So go ahead and briefly tell me what you’re calling about.
  • I want to pay my bill.
    • Okay payments. What’s your account or telephone number? I didn’t hear anything. Please say or enter either your 10 digit account number or your phone number including the area code.
  • Power Outage.
    • OK, power outage. What’s your account number?

Heating Problems

1-800-436-7734 (1-800-436-PSEG) (24/7)