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1-800-xfinity (how to dial: 1-800-934-6489)

  • Hi, thank you for calling Xfinity. This call maybe monitored or recorded.
  • Enter or say the zip code where you have or want service
  • xxxxxxx
  • I’ll need a phone number or account number to look you up. Which would you like to use?
  • Or if you are calling to sign up for new service, say new customer
  • Lets try this:
  • To use you phone number press 1
  • To use your account number, press 2
  • If you are a new customer press 3
  • In order to continue to an agent, Ill need to know why you are calling
  • You can say technical support
  • Billing and payments
  • Or more options
    • “More options”
    • OK now you can say:
    • Im moving
    • Add services or products
    • Change services or products
    • Remove services or products
    • Appointments
    • Or Xfinity mobile support


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