Windstream Phone Number

800 Number for Windstream

How to call Windstream: to contact customer service, use the toll free numbers below. Speak with a real customer service agent. Order new service, tech support, or get help with your plan. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Windstream 800 Number: 844-593-1695

  • Thanks for calling Windstream
  • Are you an existing Windstream customer?
  • Press 1 for yes
    • Please enter either your phone number including area code or enter the account number located on your bill and then press #
  • Press 2 for No
    • Thank you for calling Windstream, this XXXXXX [real person]

About Windstream

Windstream is a major national provider of phone, internet, and TV services services for rural areas. Both home and business data service and telecomm systems are available.

Windstream provides live chat (Monday through Friday 8AM to 6PM; Saturday 8:30AM to 5PM EST), email (24 hour response) and phone customer service for all customers.

Plans include:

  • 25 MBPS, 50 MBPS, 100 MBS Internet packages (Kinetic)
  • Unlimited Phone
  • DirectTV
  • Bundles for all of the above