WestJet 800 Numbers

Customer Service

1-888-937-8538 (1-888-WESTJET) 24/7

How to call WestJet: use these toll free numbers for reservations and flight questions.

Phone Menu Transcription

When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

  • Thanks for calling WestJet. For English, please stay on the line.
  • Your call will be recorded for business analysis and quality assurance.
  • Flight status: Please choose one of the following options. For flight status, press 1.
    • Hello, thanks for calling WestJet’s flight information system.
    • This call may be recorded for quality or training purposes.
    • What is the flight number, city or airport you are looking for?
  • Current reservations: For existing flight only reservations, or flight only general inquiries, press 2.
    • If you are traveling to, from, or within the U.S., your flights may be with one of our airline partners.
    • Please ensure you are familiar with the baggage allowances and fees that apply to your trip.
    • Please wait on the line while your call is transferred to one of our agents who will assist you. Thanks. (real person)
  • Reservations: To book flights only, press 3.
  • Vacations: For all WestJet vacation package bookings and inquiries, press 4.
    • Our menu options have recently changed. Please choose from one of the following options.
    • For travel agents requiring assistance, press 1.
    • For flight only inquiries, press 2.
    • To book a new WestJet vacation package, press 3.
    • For existing WestJet vacations packages, press 4.
    • To hear these options again, please press 0.
  • Travel agent: If you are a travel agent, press 5.
    • Please choose one of the following options. For WestJet vacations packages, press 1.
    • For general inquiries, including TA web assistance, and TDF seat selection, press 2.
    • For waver codes, TA rates, or Biz web links, press 3.
    • For co-chair or interline support, press 4.
    • To repeat these options, please press 0.
  • Gift card: To check the balance of your gift card, press 6.
    • Did you know you can check your gift card balance online at WestJet.com? Visit WestJet.com/giftcard. Please enter your 15-digit gift card number. 
  • To repeat these options, please press 0.
  • To reach our accessible travel program support team, press 7

How to Speak with a Real Person

Dial the main number which is 1-888-937-8358 and then press 3 and then press 1 to be transferred to a human agent. Note that this line is for those who want to book a flight in the next 72 hours. If you dont need to book a flight within the next 72 hours, then press 2.

Baggage, Lost & Found


Phone Menu Transcription

  • Welcome to WestJet Baggage Services Line. This call will be recorded for business analysis and quality assurance.
  • If you would like to create or follow up on a claim for baggage that is delayed, damaged or missing items or report items misplaced on an aircraft say baggage.
    • Baggage.
    • Got it, baggage. If you would like to find out the status of your baggage claim please visit WestJet.com/baggageclaim. There you will see the checked baggage status window which allows you to view the most up to date status on your claim and we’ll provide you with option to send a message to WestJet.
    • Please state the city or airport of your final destination and your call will be transferred to a WestJet Baggage Service agent.
  • If you would like to follow up on baggage delivery say delivery.
  • If you are calling for general baggage information, including baggage allowance and fees or weight and size instructions say information.
  • To hear this options again please say repeat.



Source: https://www.westjet.com/en-ca/contact