800 Numbers

How to call Walmart: for customer service, dial the toll free number below. Talk a live person about payments, returns, and card services. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service

1-800-WALMART (925-6278)

  • Thank you for calling Wal-Mart stores customer service
  • for the phone number, location and hours of operation of the Wal-Mart store or Sam club press 1.
  • If you are a customer press 2,
    • If you are calling about a store experience Wal-Mart gift card or credit card press 1,
      • To repeat this information press the [*] key,
      • to return to the previous menu press pound,
      • if you are calling about your store experience, store return or store merchandise press 1,
      • for credit card questions press 2,
      • for walmart shopping or gift cards press 3,
      • for an ethics issue press 4,
      • to repeat this options press the start key,
      • to return to the previous menu press pound.
    • to contact press 2,
    • to contact Sams club press 3.
    • If you are calling about an expected text message or tweet saying you have won, we are offering you a Wal-Mart gift card press option 8.
  • if you are our current or former associate press 3,
  • for information on becoming a supplier press 4,
  • to repeat this options press the [*] key.

Walmart Credit Services


  • for quality assurance, during the entire duration of your call, this call maybe monitored or recorded. Thank you for calling Wal-Mart credit services. [Para continuar en espanol, oprima sinco]
  • Did you know that you can now make free payment in our automated telephone system and online at login?
  • Please say or enter your account or card number. Sorry I didn’t hear you, please say or enter your account or account number.

Walmart Community/Business Card


  • For quality assurance during the duration of your call this call may be monitored and recorded.
  • Thank you for calling Wal-Mart credit services, for service in English press one. [Para continuar en espanol oprima sinco]
  • Please enter your account number as it appears on your billing statement.

Walmart Gift Cards


  • Welcome to Wal-Mart gift cards;
  • to hear instructions in English press one, [escuchar las instrucciones en espanol pulse dos].
  • To retrieve your balance to get your account history on your gift card or having problems using your card press one.
    • Before we begin please look at the back of your gift card, if you see a silver scratch off area, scratch off now to see your card number and pin. Please enter your 16-digit gift card number on the back of your card.
  • If your card was lost or stolen press two.

Walmart Prescriptions

1-800-2-REFILL (1-800-273-3455)

  • Thank you for calling Wal-Mart home delivery, many of our customers’ service options are available at
  • To hear the menu options in English press one [foreign language];
  • thank you for calling Wal-Mart home delivery. Our pharmacy is now closed if this is a medical emergency please hang up and calls 911 or contact your local emergency room. For none urgent questions for a pharmacist you may contact your local Wal-Mart pharmacy or leave a message and your call will be returned by a pharmacist on the next business day.
  • For a refill press one,
  • for customer service
  • or for a 90 day program press two.
  • If you are a doctor calling for a patient press three,
  • if you know the extension you wish to reach, press four,
  • for our contact information or to request a brochure press 5,
  • to repeat this menu press pound.