800 Numbers

How to call Vivint: When you call the toll free 1-800 number for Vivint, you will get the options below. Answer the questions to contact technical or customer support help.

Call 1-801-377-9111

  • Thanks for calling Vivint
  • Please hold while we pull up your account information.
  • Please select one of the following 5 menu options
  • Alarms: To report a false alarm or cancel an alarm dispatch, press or say 1
  • Equipment: for equipment issues, press or say 2
    • For help with your camera, press or say 1
    • For help with your thermostat or door lock, press or say 2
    • For help with your panel, sensors, or mobile app, press or say 3
    • For help with any other product, press or say 4
  • Account Help: for billing or account support, press or say 3
    • Pay bill: to make a payment, press or say 1
      • Got it, Ill transfer you to a person who can help
      • We may record or monitor this call to make sure that we are providing the best service to our customers
      • After your call today, please check your email for a brief survey
    • Update account: to update billing information, press or say 2
    • Bill questions: to ask a question about your bill, press or say 3
    • Moving: to transfer or move your service, press or say 4
  • Cancellation: to move or cancel your service, press of say 4
    • To cancel your service, press or say 1
    • To move your system, press or say 2
  • New Service: to purchase a new Vivint system, press or say 5
    • Got it Ill transfer you to a person who may help.
    • Thank you for choosing Vivint Smart Home, this is XXXXX on a recorded line, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with? (real person)