Visa Phone Number

800 Number for Visa

How to call Visa: for customer service, dial the toll free number below. Talk to a live person about your card or account. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Global Customer Assistance Center


  • Welcome to Visa, for English press one, [para espanol, marke dos].
  • If you are a Visa card holder press one
    • for account information such as account balance pin or payment information press one,
    • to report your card as lost or stolen, or to request an emergency card or cash press two.
    • To follow up on an emergency card or cash request press 3,
    • for all other benefits press four
    • for all other enquiries press 5.
    • To hear this menu again press 9, please enter your visa account number followed by the pound sign. Please key in your response…
  • if you are a financial institution that issues Visa card, press two,
  • if you are a merchant, please press three,
  • if you would like to apply for a Visa card or all other Visa enquiries press four.
  • To hear this menu again, press nine

Visa Travelers Cheque Global Refund and Assistance Center

: (800) 227-6811 (24/7)

  • Thanks for calling the Visa travelers check global refund service
  • to verify the status of travelers’ checks please press one.
    • Look at the issuers name to the right of the Visa logo;
    • if the name is inter-payment services or Banko De Brazil or City Corp please press one.
    • For any other issuer please stay on the line; all calls are recorded for training and quality control and maybe reviewed later to check the details you have given.
  • To report the loss or theft of the travelers checks or for a query on an existing on an exiting repost please press two.
  • For enquiries about the Visa card please press three.
  • For any other travelers check enquiry on any other travelers check enquiries, please press four.