800 Numbers

Below is the 1-800 number for TurboTax. When you call TurboTax for customer support help, you will get the menu options below.

Customer Service

Call 1-800-446-8848

  • Welcome to Intuit
  • For TurboTax press 1
    • For assistance with TurboTax in the USA press 1
      • Thanks for call TurboTax, your call maybe monitored and recorded
      • Im an automated system, but you may talk to me in complete sentences and Ill get you to the right place
      • If you have a support ID or case number, you can give it to me now.
      • Otherwise, just tell me you dont have one
      • Speaker: I dont have one
      • How can I help you today?
      • Speaker: customer service
      • I understand that you want to speak to a specialist, but without knowing what you are calling about, I may not be able to help you.
      • So please tell me your reason for calling today
    • For Canada press 2
  • For QuickBooks press 2
    • To place an order or if you have questions before you buy press 1
    • For status of an order you have already placed or questions about a charge to your account press 2
  • For Payroll press 3
    • If you are using online payroll including Intuit Online Payroll or Quickbooks Online Payroll press 1
    • For help or questions related to Intuit Basic, Standard, Enhanced or Assisted Payroll Services press 2
  • For ProSeries, Lacerte, EasyAct, or ProConnect Tax Online press 4
    • For ProSeries, press 1
    • For Lacerte, press 2
    • For EasyAct, press 3
    • For Proconnect, press 4
  • For checks, forms and supplies press 5
  • For payment solutions or merchant services, press 6
    • For faster service please enter one of the following:
    • Your business number including area code
    • Your case number
    • Or your 16 digit purchase account number followed by pound sign
  • For credit score press 7