800 Numbers

How to call Suddenlink: use these toll free numbers below for tech support, new service, bill pay or outage question. Below are the questions you will be asked if you upon calling.

New Service & Promotions


Customer Service

Call 1-866-347-4784

  • Welcome to Suddenlink.
  • Please enter or say the 10 digit phone number associated with your Suddenlink account one digit at a time or say new customer.
    • New customer
    • Tell me where would you like service; you can say home or business.
    • Home.
    • Please tell me the 5 digit zip code where you would like service one digit at a time or just enter it using your key pad. XXXXX is that right?
    • Enter phone number: xxx-xxx-xxxx, is that right, please say yes or no?
    • To connect you to the right agent, I need to know why you are calling today. Please say:
    • Billing and payments
    • Technical issues
    • Add or upgrade features
    • Or cancel my service

Suddenlink Residential Sales: 1-877-694-9474