Spirit Airlines Phone Number

800 Number for Spirit Airlines

How to call Spirit Airlines: use the toll free numbers below to contact customer service for reservations, flight status and more. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service / Reservations


  • Thanks for calling Spirit.
  • To check if a call today or tomorrow is on time, press 1.
    • Remember, you can view flight status and airport information on our website, Spirit.com, or by using our Spirit mobile app.
    • Would you like to search by flight number or city name?
  • For baggage help, press 2.
    • Visit Spirit.com/bags to learn more about our baggage options. There are 3 types of baggage: personal items, carry-on bags, and checked bags. Bag charges vary based on where and how early they are purchased. You can save money by purchasing your bags early and through Spirit.com.
    • Join our $9 fair club online to get exclusive access to some of our lowest fairs and discounts on all bags purchased online. Visit Spirit.com to join today.
    • For information regarding personal items and carry-ons, please press 1. For information on checked bags, press 2. For information on how to purchase your bags, press 4. If you are calling about a delayed or damaged bag, please press 5. To hear this message again, please press 0. To return to the main menu, press 9.
  • For updates and changes to existing reservations, press 3.
    • For flight delays, cancellations, schedule changes, or travel advisories, press 1.
    • To change or cancel your reservation, press 2.
    • To add bags, seats, or other services, press 3.
    • To hear this message again, please press 0.
    • To return to the main menu, press 9.
  • To book a new reservation, press 4.
    • Remember, booking online at Spirit.com always saves you the $25 per passenger phone transaction charge. To continue, please hold.
    • Before you complete your booking, please note that federal law forbids prohibits hazardous materials in your luggage, or on you personally.
    • Some examples are explosives, flammable items, and corrosives. Also, e-cigarettes and related devices are permitted only in carry-on baggage. Spirit prohibits the use of such items aboard its aircrafts. E-cigarettes and related devices are not permitted in checked baggage. Finally, lower fares are generally available at Spirit.com or airport locations.
  • For automated general information, including Free Spirit and memberships, press 5.
    • Save time. You’ll get answers about bags, reservation changes, and anything else quicker by visiting Spirit.com/questions. If you want to continue, let’s get started.
    • For general inquiries and information to help you travel with us, press 1. For free Spirit help, press 2. For $9 Fair Club help, press 3. To hear this message again, press 0. To return to the main menu, please press 9.
  • For Spirit MasterCard priority service, press 6.
    • To get priority service, please enter the first 6-digits of your Spirit credit card.

Other Numbers

Customer Service / Reservations Espanol: 801-401-2200

Customer Service / Reservations Canada: 801-401-2200

Dominican Republic: 877-906-9026

Jamaica: 1-877-211-1546

Puerto Rico (English): 801-401-2200

Puerto Rico (Español): 801-401-2200

US Virgin Islands (English): 801-401-2200

US Virgin Islands (Español): 801-401-2200

Costa Rica: 506-4000-1887

Mexico: 001-877-203-0891

Panama: 001-877-233-5370

Colombia: 018000-939-939

  • Armenia: 576-7497244
  • Barranquilla: 575-3616061
  • Bogota: 571-4930910
  • Cartagena: 575-6663640
  • Medellin: 574-2505152

Special Assistance:

  • 1-800-955-8771 (TTY)
  • 1-877-955-1339 (ASCII)
  • 1-877-955-8773 (TTY Español)
  • 1-800-955-8770 (Voice)
  • 1-877-955-8260 (VCO-Direct)

Spirit Vacations: 954-698-0125
hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am-9:00pm, Saturday – Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm EST

source: https://customersupport.spirit.com/