QVC 800 Numbers

Customer Service


Phone Menu Transcription

  • Welcome to QVC.
  • To place an order or obtain product information press 1.
  • For customer services press 2.
    • Welcome to QVC’s customer service.
    • To check if your order has shipped, to cancel an item, or to verify that your check payment was received press 1.
    • For information on a returned item or return instructions press 2.
    • For auto delivery plans, Q card account information, or to apply for Q card press 3.
    • To place an order check stock availability or approved shipment of the wait list order press 4.
    • To change your four digit pin number and for all other services press 5.
      • To change your four digit pin number press 1,
      • for mailing address or information where to find program guide press 2
      • to hear these instructions again press 8
      • to return to the main menu press 9
      • to speak to a representative press 0.
    • To hear these options again, press 8.
    • To speak to a representative press 0 or please stay on the line. (real person)