Customer Service Phone Numbers

How to use this page: dial the number below and you will be get the following menu options (transcript of the phone menu).

To speak a with live person, dial 1-888-762-2265 and press 0.

Personal Accounts

Call: 1-888-762-2265 (1-888-PNC-BANK )
Hours: Monday – Friday: 7am to 10pm ET; Saturday – Sunday: 8am to 5pm ET

Toll free number to contact support representative with account help, pay your bill, report a lost/stolen credit card, etc.

  • Welcome to PNC Voice Banking.
  • We are currently experiencing increased call volumes due to COVID-19, and PNC recognizes that some of our customers may be negatively affected by impacts of this global outbreak. PNC is committed to helping our customers. If you are experiencing financial challenges as a result, please got to\hardshipassistance, where you can apply for available options.
  • If you are calling for information on temporary branch closures, or adjusted hours of operations, please search locations on, or use the locate tool on your mobile app for the most recent updates.
  • To get started, please say your User ID or enter it on the keypad. You can also say “I don’t have one.”
  • Personal Accounts
    To access your personal accounts, press 1.
    • To work with your checking, savings, CD or IRA accounts, press 1.
    • For telephone transfers, press 2.
    • For loan or line of credit accounts, press 3.
    • For credit cards, press 4.
    • Or, for tax information, press 5.
  • Business
    For business banking, press 2.
    • Welcome to PNC’s Business Banking Center.
    • For automated account information, press 1.
    • For help with online banking, cash flow insight, quicken, or pinnacle, press 2.
    • For information on new products and new account openings, press 3.
    • For remote deposit, treasury management, or merchant services, press 4.
    • To speak with a business banking consultant on an existing account, press 0 at any time.
  • Online
    For online banking questions, press 3.
    • For assistance with your personal account, press 1.
    • For assistance with your business account, press 2.
  • Lost Debit / Credit Card
    If you’re calling to report a lost or stolen card, press 4.
    • To report a problem on your loan account, press 1.
    • To report a lost or stolen card, or to report a card transaction problem, press 2.
    • To report a problem on your checking, savings, or certificate of deposit account, press 3.
  • Rates
    For rates, or to open a new account, or check the status of a loan application, press 5.
    • To apply for a loan, check the status of your loan application, or to open a deposit account, press 1.
    • For loan and deposit rate information, press 2.
  • Third Party
    If you are a third party calling for a loan payoff, or a PNC customer calling for check verification, press 6.
    • To verify a customer’s check, press 1.
    • To obtain a loan payoff, press 2.
  • Hours
    For branch hours and locations, or to reach other departments, press 7.
    • For branch locations and hours, press 1.
    • This info is also available on our website at
    • For other departments, press 2.
  • Real Person
    Or, to speak to a consultant, press 0.

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