800 Numbers

How to call Mediacom (XStream): to buy Mediacom, for customer service or tech support issues, use the toll free phone number above. After dialing, you will be asked the questions below.

New Service


Customer Service:


  • New Service: To order new service, press 1
    • If you are calling to set up service in your home, press 1 [real person]
    • If you are calling to set up service in your business, press 2 [real person]
  • Existing Customer:If you are a current customer, or have recently placed an order, press 2
  • Moving:If you are moving and need to connect service press 1
    • To move service for your home, press 1
    • To move service for your business, press 2
  • Upgrade:To upgrade your existing service, press 2
    • To upgrade service for your home press 1
    • To upgrade service for your business press 2
  • Questions: If you have already ordered, and have questions about your installation press 3
    • Please enter the five digit zip code that you are calling about
  • Help: For billing, technical support, or to disconnect service press 4
    • Bill pay: For billing, press 1
    • Support:For tech support, press 2
    • To disconnect, press 3
  • Offers: If you are interested in finding out about current promotions in your area, press 3
    • To hear about existing customer promotions press 1
    • To hear about new customer promotions press 2

About Mediacom Services

The Xtream platform is a cable package that integrates TV, internet and phone services all in one for ease of use and enhanced performance. Individuals can stream live TV and videos from any wi-fi powered device. The Xtream Service can deliver WiFi speeds of up to 100 Mbps – 1GB.

Each Xtream plan is powered by TiVo to make the user experience seamless. TiVo DVR is embedded in Xtream, so you can watch your favorite shows from anywhere. Customers can also access all their web apps on their TV screens- no smart TV or casting capabilities required.