Lowes 800 Numbers

Customer Service


Phone Menu Transcription

  • Thanks for calling the Lowes.
  • For the phone number, address and directions to Lowes store nearest to you please press 1.
    • Please hold while we find the Lowes store nearest to your calling area.
    • If you would prefer to search for a store by zip code please press 1.
    • Enter the 5 digit zip code you wish to search on or press * to return to the previous menu.
  • To be connected to Lowes credit center for information about your Lowes account please press 2.
  • To speak with an associate about features on Lowes.com press 3,
  • To speak with an associate regarding Lowes.com order or information please press 4,
    • To help serve you better please choose from one of the following options. Please listen carefully as the menu options have recently changed.
    • To cancel a Lowes.com order press 1,
      • This call maybe recorded for quality and training purposes.
      • Thank you for calling laws customer care my name is XXXXX who you have the pleasure speaking with today? (real person)
    • To check on an existing Lowes order press 2,
    • To find a product, ask a question about a product or place a new order press 3.
  • For customer care please press 5.

Sales & Products:


Phone Menu Transcription

  • Hello thank you for calling Lowes.
  • For questions regarding projects and installation services press 1
    • Thank you for calling laws this is XXXX how may I help you? (real person)
  • for questions regarding products and product availability press 2
    this call maybe recorded for quality and training purposes.

Lowes Canada

1-888-98LOWES (56937)