Lifeline Screening

800 Number

Below is the phone menu (IVR) for the LifeLine support number below. If you call, you will be asked the following questions.

Customer Service


  • Thank you for calling Lifeline Screening
  • If you are calling to schedule an appointment or to learn more about services that maybe right for you, press 1
    • Thank you fro calling lifeline screening, my name is XXXXX, how may I help you (real person)
  • If you already have any appt press 2
    • You have reached our customer service department, all of our representatives are assisting customers, thank you for your time and patience
    • Please enter your date of birth using 2 digits for the month, 2 digits for the day, and 2 digits for the year


If you received a call from this number, they are probably just following up about an appointment.