JCPenney 800 Numbers

Customer Service Number

Use this toll free number for customer support, and get help with bill payments, returns, and merchandise.

Phone Menu Transcript

When you call, you will be asked the questions below. The JCPenny automated system speaks rather quickly, so we have provided this information to help you figure out how to reach the right department.

  • Thank you for calling JCPenney.
  • To check the status of an order, press 1.
    • Hi, I’m Penny the virtual assistant.
    • I can assist with your order status.
    • I don’t recognize the number that you are calling from, is there another number that we can try?
  • For questions about a new or existing furniture order including mattress or fitness, press 2.
    • Thank you for calling the furniture, mattress and fitness automated system.
    • For assistance with new order press 1.
    • For new delivery set up press 2.
    • For assistance with an existing order press 3.
    • If you know party’s extension press 4.
    • For all other inquires press 5.
  • For questions about a new order such as apparel or home decor press 3.
    • You have selected the automated system
    • To place a new order press 1
    • To return an order press 2
    • To cancel your press 3.
    • For all other inquiries press 4 (you will get a live person)
  • If you are calling about a store experience including using a coupon, press 4.
  • For JCPenney rewards, press 5.
  • For credit services including making a payment, press 6.
    • One moment while we connect you to a specialist
  • For JCPenney salon, Sephora in store, JCPenney portraits, or JCPenney optical press 7.

How to Speak to a Real Person

Dial 1-800-322-1189 and then simply wait for the phone system to cycle through three rounds of questions. Just stay on the line.

Credit Card Bill Pay


  • This entire call maybe recorded and monitored. Thank you for calling JCPenney credit services. GE capital retail bank, the issuer of your credit card, is changing its name to Synchrony bank. Watch your statement for more information.
  • Making a payment is free using your checking account in this automated system. Please say or enter your account or card number.

Gift Registry