Georgia Power

Customer Service Numbers

How to contact Georgia Power: use the toll free number below to speak to a real customer service agent. Get help with your account, report power out, bill pay, etc. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Residential Customer Service

1-888-660-5890 (24/7)

  • Good Afternoon! Welcome to Georgia Power, a Southern company.
  • Para continuar en espaƱol, pulse seis.
  • If you’re calling about a power outage, dangerous condition, or for any other power problems, say, ‘Power Problems’ or press 1.
    • To check the status of an outage, say ‘Status’ or press 1.
    • To report a power outage, say ‘Outage’ or press 2.
    • To report a dangerous condition, such as a downed wire, say ‘Dangerous Condition’ or press 3.
    • To report an outdoor light or street light, say’ Outdoor’ or press 4.
    • To repeat these options, say ‘Repeat’ or press 7.
  • If you’re calling for billing or payment matters, say ‘Billing or Payment’ or press 2.
    • To hear your current balance and due date, say ‘Balance’ or press 1.
    • To request a payment arrangement, say ‘Payment arrangement’ or press 2.
    • To pay by phone, for payment locations, or other ways to pay, say ‘Ways to Pay’ or press 3.
    • For all other billing and payment matters or to discuss your bill, say ‘Other’ or press 4.
  • To start, stop move, or transfer service, say ‘Moving or Transfer’ or press 3.
    • To start service in your name, say ‘New Service’ or press 1.
    • To stop or discontinue service in your name, say ‘Stop’ or press 2.
    • To move or transfer existing service, say ‘Transfer’ or press 3.
    • For new constructions, say ‘New Construction’ or press 4.
    • For all other service requests, say ‘Other’ or press 5.
  • For all other matters, say ‘Other’ or press 4.
    • For energy efficiency and savings programs or products, say ‘Energy Savings’ or press 1.
    • For website or mobile assistance, say ‘Website and Mobile’ or press 2.
    • To reach a specific employee by name, say ‘Employee’ or press 3.
    • For outdoor lighting, say ‘Lighting’ or press 4.
    • For anything else, say ‘Other’ or press 5.
  • To repeat these options, say ‘Repeat’ or press 7.

Power Outage

1-888-891-0938 (24/7)

  • Good morning thank you for calling Georgia Power, a Southern company
  • If you are calling about a power outage or dangerous condition say power problem
    • Power outage.
    • Sure I can help you report a problem, you can report a dangerous condition like a downed power line, report a power outage or report an outdoor lighting problem which one are you calling about?
    • Just say dangerous condition, outage or outdoor lighting or you can say help me with something else.
  • for billing or payment matters say billing or payment
  • to start, stop, move or transfer service say moving or transfer or for help with something else just say help me with something else.