F&M Bank & Trust Phone Number

800 Number for F&M Bank & Trust

How to call F&M Bank & Trust: use the toll free number below to contact customer service for account help, bill pay, lost cards etc. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

F&M Bank Customer Service / Support

24 hours

  • F&M Bank, this XXXX, can I help you? (real person)

24 Hour Phone Banking


  • Welcome to F&M Bank and Trust Company’s telephone banking system.
  • For today’s transactions choose menu option 1,
  • Account information: after entering your account number and pin, choose menu option 2,
  • Review transactions: then choose menu option 5, pending transitions.
  • For all other inquiries please listen to the phone options.
  • For account information press 1,
  • for check verification press 3,
  • For miscellaneous information press 4,
    • for locations & business options, press 1
    • for current events, press 2
  • to end this call press 9 or hang up.