Farmers 800 Numbers

Customer Service Number

Call 1-800-435-7764

How to call use the toll free number above to contact Farmers for help with claims, payments, and policy questions. Get a real person on the phone.

Phone Menu Transcription

  • Thank you for calling Farmers Claim Center, this call may be recorded to assist us in improving your claim experience
  • Which would you like? Roadside assistance, business, personal auto, recreational vehicle or home owners and rentals?
  • To dial by name or extension, say “directory”
  • For policy questions, help with anything else say “more options”
  • Personal auto
    • Okay, which would you like help with, you can say, “roadside assistance”, “a glass only claim”, “filing a new claim” or “questions on an existing claim.”
    • “Filing a new claim.”
    • Alright, were there any injuries?
  • Get a new quote
    • Got it. A new quote.
    • Please hold while I transfer you to a representative who can assist you. There may be a brief period of silence while your call is being transferred. (real person)
  • Homeowners Insurance
    • OK homeowners or renters
    • Which would you like help with? Filing a new claim or or help with an existing claim?

Pay by Phone Number

Call 1-888-327-6335

  • Thank you for calling Farmers, your call may be monitored and recorded.
  • Which would you like: you can say claims, make a payment, or for help with your auto or home owners policy including billing questions say “policy services”.
  • You can also say website help, ‘agent information’ or ‘other policies’.
    • Policy services.
    • To serve you better, please have your policy number ready, you can say, “billing”, “make a payment”, “ID card”, “policy questions” or “get the mailing address”.
    • Make the payment.
    • Please say or enter your policy number or account number, if you need time to find it say hold on.

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