FAFSA 800 Number

FAFSA Student Loan Customer Service


Phone Menu Transcript

How to call FAFSA: to contact customer service, dial the toll free number below. Speak to a live person and help with account questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

  • Welcome to the Federal Student Aid Information Center
  • For quality and training purposes this call maybe monitored or recorded [foreign language].
  • For the status of your application, the status of your correction or to request a copy of your student aid report say application status,
  • For help with your pin or fax on the web say website assistance
  • For information about your existing student loan and lenders say loans
  • For answers to the current top ten frequently asked questions say FAQ’s.
  • For more help options say more.
    • More.
    • OK more help options, our website www.studentaid.gov contains the answers to most common questions including what types of aids are available, who qualifies to receive aid, how to apply for a aid and how to choose a loan repayment plan.
    • Many people call after submitting their facts to find out how much financial aid they will receive. Only your school can tell you this. The school uses cost of attendance, your enrollment status and other information to make an aid package for you.
    • Talk to the financial aid at your school about how much and when you can receive aid.
    • To speak to a customer service representative say customer service
    • If you are all finished you can say good bye or simply hang up;
    • otherwise I will take you back to the main menu.
      • Customer services.
      • Just a moment I will transfer your call to a customer service representative. (real person)