800 Number for Experian

How to call Experian: use the toll free number below to contact customer service. Get help with your credit questions. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Experian Personal Customer Service


  • Welcome to Experian Credit Tracker featuring your FICO score.
  • FICO scores are used by 90% of top lenders. Our membership specialists are here to help you.
  • Press one, if you’re an Experian Credit Tracker member and would like to cancel your membership.
  • Press two if you need help with your username or password.
  • Press three, if you’re trying to make changes to your credit report by filing a dispute, placing a credit freeze or fraud alert.
  • For all other questions including technical issues, please press four.
    • For quality purposes your call may be monitored or recorded and for security reasons, you may be asked for your social security number and other identifying information.
    • Please note, while we’re committed to answering your questions, please be aware that consumerinfo.com, an Experian company and it’s affiliates are not credit repair organizations and cannot provide you with any advice or services for the purpose of improving your credit record, credit history and or credit rating.

Experian Business Customer Service


  • Thank you for calling Experian, the leader in consumer and business to business information services.
  • Your call may be monitored or recorded for training purposes.
  • Please listen carefully as our menu has changed.
  • If your call is regarding your own personal credit report press one.
  • For assistance with your credit monitoring membership press two.
  • If you are an existent Experian client and are looking for more information about your account press three.
    • Thank you for calling Experian client support, please remain on the line for the next available agent.
      • If you are not a current customer and are interested in purchasing Experian consumer or commercial products press four.
      • For questions about your account balance or monthly statements or if you’d like to make a payment on your account press five.
      • If you’re an auto check or auto account client press six.
      • To repeat this menu press the pound key. Thank you.