Esurance 800 Numbers

Customer Service

Call 1-800-378-7262
Use the toll free number above to speak with a real person or get help with claims, payments, and policy questions.



Phone Menu Transcription

  • Thanks for calling Esurance, backed by Allstate.
  • Because we want to provide excellent service, this call is recorded.
  • Please listen to this entire menu before making a selection.
  • Quote: If you have a quote or wish to purchase a new policy, say “quote”.
    • Quote.
    • Please listen to the following choices.
    • You can say your selection as soon as you hear it.
    • If you are calling for an auto insurance quote, say auto.
    • For insurance on your home, say home.
    • For motorcycle quote, say motorcycle.
    • For renter’s insurance, say rent.
    • For a condo insurance quote, say condo.
    • If you’re an existing customer and you’re calling for any other reason, say customer service.
    • To hear this menu again, just say repeat
  • Policy questions: For questions or changes to your policy or coverage, say “customer service”.
    • Please say the phone number preceded by area code associated with insurance policy
    • You may also use your phone keypad
  • Claims: If you have been in an accident or have damaged to your home or vehicle and need to file a claim or have questions about an existing claim, say “claims”.
    • Please listen to the following choices
    • If you are calling to report an accident or file a new claim, say “file a claim”
    • If you are a medical provider calling with an existing PIP or medpay claim, say “medical”
    • If you are calling about a recent claim, please say existing “claim”
    • If you are calling for roadside assistance, say “roadside assistance”
    • If you are calling for anything else, please say “customer service”
    • To return to yhe previous menu, say “menu”
  • If you know your party’s extension, say “extension”
  • To hear this menu again, just say repeat.

Esurance Property Insurance Number

Call 1-877-428-8651

Phone Menu Transcription