E-ZPass Maryland 800 Number

Customer Service


How to call E-ZPass Maryland: use the toll free number below to contact customer service. Get help with your account, pay tolls etc.

Phone Menu Transcript

  • Welcome to the Maryland Turnpike Authority EZ Pass Maryland Service Center.
  • To continue in English, press 1.
  • To continue in Spanish, press 2.
    • To access or update your account information, press 1.
      • Please enter your account number followed by the Pound key.
    • For information regarding a video toll violation, or a speed warning notice, press 2.
      • To make a payment, or for details about specific transactions, press 1.
      • To get information about mailing a payment, press 2.
      • For information of transfer of liability, press 3.
      • To obtain information about a speed warning, press 4.
      • To repeat these options, press Star.
    • For information regarding the EZ Pass Maryland program or assistance completing the application, press 3.
      • For plan information, press 1.
      • For assistance in filling out an application, press 2.
      • For information on getting EZ Pass, press 3.
    • To request an application, press 4.
      • To receive an application for a private account, press 1.
      • To receive an application for a business account, press 2.
      • To return to the Main menu, press 0.
    • For locations, directions, and hours of operation for the EZ Pass Maryland customer call centers and customer service centers, press 5.
      • To obtain the mailing address for EZ Pass Maryland Service center, press 1.
      • For hours of operation for EZ Pass customer call center, press 2.
      • For hours of operation and directions to the Baltimore region EZ Pass Maryland customer service center, press 3.
      • For hours of operation and directions to The William Preston Jr Memorial Bridge customer service center, press 4.
      • For hours of operation and directions to The Glenn Birney Motor Vehicle Administration EZ Pass Maryland service center, press 5.
      • For hours of operation and directions for all other Maryland Customer service centers, press 6.
    • For information on the Inner County Connector, ICC Maryland 200, or I95 express toll lane ETL, press 6.
      • For information regarding the Inner County Connector or The ICC Maryland 200, press 1.
      • For the I95 express toll lane ECL, press 2
    • For toll rate structure information, press 7.
      • For EZ Pass toll rate information, press 1.
      • For cash toll rate information, press 2.
      • For video toll information, press 3.
      • For additional toll rate information, use the toll calculator that can be found at EZpass.com.
    • If you do not have your account number or personal ID number press 9 and we will transfer, you to a representative. (real person)