Credit Acceptance

800 Numbers

Below is the phone menu (IVR) for the toll free number below. If you call, you will be asked the following questions.

Customer Service


  • Thank you for calling Credit Acceptance
  • If you are a dealer or financial institution, please press 1
  • Otherwise please press 2
    • Please enter your account number or full social security number and then press pound

Dealer Service Center


  • Thank you for calling Credit Acceptance dealer service center
  • If you are a customer that has financed a vehicle with Credit Acceptance please press 1
  • If you are calling to obtain a payoff quote for an open account, press 2
  • For your regional funding team, press 3
  • If you are calling with a title question associated with a fund a deal press 4
  • If you know party’s direct extension, press 0
  • To repeat this menu press star