Comenity Bank

800 Numbers

How to Speak to a Real Person

Dial 1-800-695-7444 and then press 0. Then press 2 if you don’t have an extension for a specific person. Then press 7.

Customer Service


  • Thank you for calling Comenity Bank
  • For options in English press 1
  • If you know your party’s extension press 1 now
    • Please enter the 7 digit extension number now
  • Otherwise press 2 now
    • If you are responding to a message press 1
      • Comenity Bank, this is XXXXX, who may I ask is calling? (real person)
    • If you are calling about an existing payment 2
      • To set up new payment press 1
      • To discuss existing payment press 2
    • if you are calling about any other matter press 7

Other Support Numbers