800 Numbers

Below is the of toll free number for Astound powered by RCN, along with a transcription of the phone menu – when you call you will get the following options.

Customer Service


  • Thank you for calling Astound Broadband
  • How would you like to look up your account, by phone number or account number?
    • “Phone number”
    • OK please enter the 10 digit phone number associated with your account
  • To ensure I route your call appropriately please tell me which you are calling about
  • If you dont have an account just say new customer
  • [silence]
  • Lets try it this another way
  • To ensure I route your call to the appropriate department, please tell me what you are calling about:
  • Billing
    • Please hold while we transfer your call to the next available representative (real person)
  • Technical support
  • Change or cancel service