Amazon 800 Number

Customer Service

Available 24/7.

Phone Menu Transcription

Below is a transcript of the phone menu. When you call the number above, you will be asked the questions below.

  • Hi, welcome to Amazon customer service.
  • Im here to help you, first by finding your account, and then by asking a few questions.
  • Let’s verify your account.
  • This will expedite the time it takes to resolve your concern and it only takes a second.
  • If I can send a text to verify your account please say yes.
  • Speaker: “Yes.”
  • Ok I just sent the text. Thanks for verifying your account.

From here, the system will try to find your latest order.

When we dialed, the robot on the phone asked us about specific orders that we actually placed. We were able to go back through our order history. It is not possible to get to a human agent using this number though.