Air Canada

800 Numbers

How to call Air Canada: use the toll free numbers below to get help from customer service for reservations, flight status and more.

Customer Support & Reservations


  • Thank you for calling Air Canada.
  • For English, press 1.
  • Welcome to Air Canada flight information line.
  • Does the flight depart today? Say Yes.
    • Please tell me the flight number or if you don’t know it, say ‘Continue’.
  • Does the flight leave today? Say No.
    • OK Do you want a flight say ‘Yesterday’ ‘Today’ or ‘Tomorrow’.
    • You can also say, ‘None of these’.
  • Otherwise stay on the line.
    • If you are calling for travel plans within Canada, press 1.
    • Otherwise, stay on the line.

Check Flight Arrival / Departure Status