OG&E Phone Number

800 Number for Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company

How to call OG&E: to contact customer service, dial the toll free number below for account questions, outages, bill pay etc. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service


  • Welcome to OG&E Customer Service. To setup or review an installment plan, say payment arrangement or press one.
  • For account balance and related details, say account information or press two.
    • Okay, account information, please say or enter your account number including the number after the dash. If you don’t know the number say I don’t know it or press star one.
  • To start, stop or transfer service, say service or press three.
  • For payment options or to report a payment, say bill payment or press four.
  • For assistance with oge.com say, website or press five.
  • For all other request, say more options or press seven.
    • More options. To report a power outage or for other repair needs, say repair center or press one.
    • For a copy of your current electric bill, say duplicate bill or press two.
    • If you are calling to get your OG&E account number, say account number or press three,
    • to speak to a Customer Service Representative, say Customer Service or press zero.
    • If you’d like to go back to the previous menu, say go back or press star.



  • Welcome to OG&E outage reporting system.
  • To report a downed electrical wire press or say four,
  • to report a power outage inside your home or business press or say one.
    • To report your outage we need to know either the phone number or the OG&E account number for the location where the power is out.
    • If you’re going to enter the phone number press or say one,
    • if you’re going to enter the OG&E account number press or say two.
  • To report lights going off and on press or say two,
  • to report partial or dim light press or say three.
  • To report a street light or security light out or any other problem press or say five.

source: https://oge.com/wps/portal/oge/support/contact-us/