KCP&L Phone Number

800 Number for KCP&L

How to call KCP&L: use this toll free number for customer service questions such as outages, bill pay and more. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.

Customer Service

(888) 471-5275 or (816) 471-5275

  • :Thank you for calling KCP&L. There’s been a recent increase and reports of phone scams involving customer’s accounts. These often involve a caller posing as a KCP&L employee demanding the customer call a separate phone number in order to make a payment. Customers should only use the following numbers to contact KCP&L, 816-471-5275 or 888-471-5275.
  • Thank you for calling KCP&L. Don’t forget to visit our website, kcpl.com.
  • To report a power outage, streetlight out, or other power problems, press 1.
  • To make a payment or report a payment, press 2.
    • Enter your 10-digit account number now.
  • To start, stop, or transfer service, or for construction-related requests, press 3.
  • For billing, to enter a meter read, or for all other matters, press 4.
  • To repeat these options, press 8.

Emergency & Power Out

1-888-544-4852 (1-888-LIGHT-KC )

  • Thank you for calling the KCP&L trouble reporting line.
  • For options in English, press 1.
  • If you are not calling from a touch tone phone, press remain on the line to speak your response.
  • I did not understand your response. Please try again. To report your outage, we need to know either the 10-digit phone number or the 10-digit account number for the location where the power is out.
  • To enter the phone number, say 1.
  • To enter the account number, say 2.

Special Payment & Billing

1-888-471-5275 (816-471-5275)

source: http://www.kcpl.com/customer-service