How to Use This Site

This website is more than just a collection of toll free numbers for major companies.

While we think that it is useful to have all of a company’s contact information on one page, we want to save you time when you need to call.

Each of the main numbers for every business listed is accompanied by a written transcript of the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

IVR refers to the automated system that answers your call. This is the menu of options that you are presented with by a voice, or robot. This menu has also been referred to as a “call tree.”

We have dialed each number multiple times in order to select each option. We have followed each prompt to its conclusion and recorded this information. We then write it down in the form of a list. Each item in the list represents a main option or “pathway” that you can take.

The picture below serves as an example:
image explains phone menu transcription for the 800 numbers

If you quickly review the transcript before calling, you will know what to expect and hopefully get what you need faster.

Many times these systems are designed to take the place of a real human, and this is what causes so much frustration. To that end, we have also provided a way to get through to a live person at the top of each page. Just dial the phone number and enter the numbers that we provide.

We have even more information on getting through to a real person in our Get 2 Human section.

Yes, we know that there are ads on the page that can be distracting, but rest assured that your data is not being collected and you are not being tracked in a harmful manner. You can read the fine print in our privacy policy.

Finally, if you are a business owner and need to update a number on the site, just use the contact page and let us know. We check the messages regularly and update the numbers all the time.