About Us

What’s this site all about?

This resource was started by Melissa Clark in 2014. One night Melissa was trying to reach the cable company because the service unexpectedly went out, right before her favorite show was about come on. She tried to their phone number on their website. It took 15 minutes to find a number because it was buried deep within their website. Obviously they didnt want customers to call them.

Yet even after finding the number, it took another 25 minutes to get through the phone menu and speak with a representative that could actually help with problem at hand.

Sure, getting through to a human is always helpful, but trying to navigate the phone menu was maddening. If only there was way to know what all the menu options did, or where they sent you next. Pressing 0 for an operator didnt do anything, and pressing 2 for technical issues only led another convoluted menu of choice upon choice. Thus, the idea was born – what if you could read or scan the menu ahead of time so that you could directly to the desired endpoint?

Here is an example from our Delta page:

  • Thanks for calling Delta, KLM, and Air France.
  • Press #, #, to get to the automated system.
  • Check flight status, press 1.
    • Please tell me the flight number. If you don’t know it, just say the departure city.
  • To plan a trip, press 2.
    • Please say or enter your sky miles number or you can say ‘I don’t have it’ or ‘I’m not a member’.
  • To work with an existing reservation, press 3.
    • To find your reservation, please enter your sky miles number or you can say ‘I don’t have it’
  • To access my sky miles account, press 4.
    • Please say or enter your sky miles number.
  • Or, it’s something else, press 5.

Over time, we continued to build out more transcriptions for major companies.

Feel free to reach out Melissa on Facebook here.

As we did more of this, we began to learn a lot about customer service, to the point where we started to consider ourselves experts at identifying when a business had a good phone system or a poor one. And we wondered if we could find a way to grade each. What if we had system that determined how helpful an IVR was for customers? Enter GetHuman.com

Merger with GetHuman.com

Walt Tetschner, along with a few colleagues, created the GetHuman website. Walt is the editor of the ASRNews, a newsletter that covers the speech technology industry, and a long-time market researcher in the call automation industry. Basically Walt is an expert at creating and evaluating interactive voice response systems (the same phone menus that we had begun transcribing on our site).

Get2Human.com was created by Walt Tetschner in 2008, and was initially based on the original gethuman.com from Paul English, but using a different web design.

As Walt says:

“The GetHuman™ movement was created from the voices of millions of consumers who want to be treated with dignity when they contact an enterprise for customer support. Our goal is to convince enterprises that providing high quality customer service and having satisfied customers costs much less than providing low quality customer service and having unsatisfied customers.”

Obviously their were some natural synchronicities between our site and Walt’s site, so after meeting one another we decided to merge the two sites. The original GetHuman site would live here, and we would use Walts professional grading system to evaluate the IVRs that were transcribed on this site.

Walt can be reached at 978-266-1966 or Tetschner@AOL.com

Before we move on, we need to give credit to a few more folks that helped Walt.

Walter Rolandi
Gethuman human factors leaderWalter is the founder of The Voice User Interface Company, and his human factors work with dozens of speech technology companies gives Walter the expertise to advise the GetHuman effort on best of class user interface directions. Walter can be contacted at 803-252-9995 or wrolandi@wrolandi.com

Get2Human Advisory Board
The Gethuman Advisory Board provides advice and council regarding the direction and implementation of the Get2Human movement:

Llance Kezner has had a leadership and co-founder role in the customer communication space since 1996. Llance has been a contributor to customer service publications and writes regularly on various blogs. http://www.changingcallcenters.com
LLance currently consults for companies in the contact center and self-help markets who are looking to expand markets and develop partner sales programs and can be contacted at llancek@changingcallcenters.com or 425-999-4894.

Marc Lord’s involvement with speech technology began in 1992. Before founding InSpeech (www.inspeech.com), Marc made business development impacts relating to speech at the Human Interface Technology Lab, Microsoft, AT&T Labs, and Nuance. Aided by an affinity for languages, he has managed the development of speech synthesis engines, products, and applications at L&H, Microsoft, AT&T, Scansoft, and Nuance. He has helped many internal and external groups integrate speech functionalities into their products. Marc has deep knowledge of the industry and its strategic relationships, and specializes in developing business plans, industry analyses, strategic relationships, and white papers. Marc can be reached at 206-522-0728 or MjLord@InSpeech.com