800 531 5000

Who Called Me From 800-531-5000

– Just get a call from this number? This number is from DirecTV representative (not spam). If you call this number back, you will get the menu (IVR) below.

  • This call maybe recorded
  • Thank you for calling
  • If you are an existing customer, need customer service, or have installation questions, press 1
  • If you are calling to set up new cable service, please press 2
  • If you are calling to set up new internet service, please press 3
  • Please hang up and dial 855-976-6532
  • Thank you

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  1. Continuous calls from DirectTV which was purchased by AT&T 7/24/2015. Although AT&T is aware of the “bot” calls the company obviously refuses to address the annoying calls experienced by AT&T consumers and those of us who don’t have the service. AT&T has curiously developed an “app” for any Smartphone that supposedly detects the calls, and of course blocks. But I suspect this is AT&T’s round about way of soliciting sales. Bottom line: it’s AT&T…

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